【VSPO!】New Members Active Overseas! Three Newcomers Debut from VSPO!, a Group Focused on Esports Games!

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VTuber group VSPO!, which mainly streams competitive and esports games, has added three new members who will be active overseas to their team of unique and skilled gamers!

●Remia Aotsuki (青月 レミア)

The big sister of VSPO!
EN, who leads the team with excellent gaming sense and calm judgment. However, once her switch is flipped, her pranks are unstoppable. Her catchphrase is “B Rush!

●Arya Kuroha (黒刃 アリヤ)

During matches, she shows aggressive and bold play as a fragger.
On the other hand, she is very cautious and once she decides on something, she is a hard worker who sees it through to the end. Her reward for a hard day's work is eating potato chips and getting lots of sleep.

●Jira Jisaki (地崎 ジラ)

The self-proclaimed “almighty monster” of VSPO! EN.
She reportedly has a terrifying power that belies her cute appearance. She excels in support roles and stands out as the backbone of the team.

Each member will start their activities around 6/29! Their initial streams and videos are already up, so be sure to check out what the three new members are up to in their streams!

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