FAQ - Frequently Asked Question

General Question

Where can I contact for questions about payment or shipping?
Please reach us through Contact Us Form. For purchase related questions, please include your order ID which you can find on the e-mail confirmation.
How do you use my Email address?
We use your Email address to notify dealing and shipping information. Your Email address is kept carefully in our database by Our Privacy Policy.
I do not recieve notification email from VTuber Republic.
Please check your spam folder. There are some cases the email we send may be accidentally identified listed a spam. If you do not find even in spam folder, please tell us from Contact Us Form.

Purchase Questions

Is there any way to purchase an item which is not listed on your website?
We are happy to take special order from you. Please create a new thread in Request Page or tell us from Contact Us Form and provide us details.
How does a reserved item order processed?
You are charged at the time of order, and your item will be shipped as soon as we receive it from the manufacturer. We charge you in advance as many of our manufacturers operate under BTO (build-to-order) and they start production when they receive a certain amount of orders. The advanced payment will be returned to you in case the manufacturer cancels the product line.
How long does it take for Back-order item to ship?
It takes 2 weeks to 1 month usually. It happens your order will be canceled because of manufacture's limit. We refund you soon at the case.
I want to purchase another item. Can it be shipped together with the other items that I already ordered?
We can ship the new item you purchased together with others if your additional order was done before the other items are shipped. Please contact us from Contact Us Form.
The item I want is sold out. Can I know when it back in stock?
Unfortunately we cannot tell customers when will the item be available. We just update our website as soon as the items are available to purchase. Please visit our website for some updates.

Shipping Questions

Do you ship to my country?
Yes. We ship any location worldwide.
Would duty be charged?
You may be charged customs duty. In case any duty incurs depending on the destination country, it will be solely your responsibility and VTuber Republic do not compensate for nor cover any duty incurred.
Which address do you ship when the shipping address on VTuber Republic and PayPal account are different?
We ship to the address you wrote on VTuber Republic when you make an order. Please input all your shipping information; Full name, States, City, etc. In case you would like it shipped to the address on your PayPal account, you need to input the address in making an order as we do not use the address on your PayPal account.
It takes very long time for the purchased item to arrive. Is there anything I can do to receive it in shorter period?
Please make an inquiry at your local post office about the delivery status with the tracking / delivery confirmation number when it takes more than 15 days for Priority shipping and 3 weeks for Standard shipping. Your parcel could be on hold at the post office undelivered, or in customs at the port of entry. Priority shipping ( Registered shipments ) require the recipient signature at the delivery. Please check Undeliverable Shipment notification in your mail box in case the purchased item does not reach you within the above described time frame.

The additional shipping fee for re-delivery is charged to you in case the delivery fails due to your fault such as incorrect shipping address and is returned to us. In case you cannot locate your purchased items after waiting for more than 3 weeks, please contact us at please our Contact Us Form.

Payment Questions

Why does VTuber Republic use PayPal for payment?
We use PayPal as they install a reliable buyer protection services. PayPal is beneficial for buyers not only to be protected frauds but to resolve issues which cannot be settled between the buyer and seller. PayPal refunds the entire amount paid for eligible claims. Please see the PayPal Protection for Buyers page for further details.
Can I use my credit card?
Yes. Your credit card payment is processed through PayPal. We do not receive your credit card information hence security risks are minimized. You can pay without Paypal account.

About USED items

How is the condition of USED item?
We sell USED items in excellent condition. There is no notable damage or bent. We check the condition of items before packing and if we have concerns, we will contact you for verification. If there is an error regarding an item arrived, please contact us from Contact Us Form.
Does the item come with a download code?
There is not a download code for the used item.
Does the item come with the batteries?
No, it does not. There is no guarantee as to how long and how many times the batteries will last.
Does the item come with the original package?
No, not for used items (especially for trading items)


The item I purchased arrived broken or missing partially or entirely. What can I do?
Please contact us from Contact Us Form and inform us the damage of your item(s). We will get back to you with possible solution(s) as soon as possible. We guarantee you to deliver item(s) in excellent condition.
I would like to cancel my order.
We do not accept cancellation request after your order is confirmed.